"E=OB² The Theory of Human Relativity"


New Thought Leadership Puts Our Beliefs to the Test

Are our beliefs holding us back or moving us forward? This exciting new book encourages us to take inventory, and transform our life.

Released by authors Chris & Karen Tazreiter,  E=OB² The Theory of 'Human' Relativity is a must have guide that has the potential to change your world in just 30 minutes.

Written in a style that is easy to follow, this short book touches on many subjects, including science, religion, philosophy, medicine and psychology. It is ideal for any person who feels stuck in present mindsets, and is ready for change. As the book will show, life does not have to be hard or unfair; "Our Beliefs determine our outcomes".

Rather than seeking to point out what is wrong, the authors have developed a method which challenges its readers to identify the beliefs that control the outcomes in their life, question their validity, and examine if there are alternative beliefs that may serve their outcomes more profitably.

At a time when science, technology and medicine are progressing at an exponential rate, is it time for mankind to take a huge leap forward at an individual level.  E=OB² "The Theory of Human Relativity" advances our thinking in the area of our collective beliefs,” say Chris & Karen.

To equip readers with techniques that are easy to apply, the authors give them a ground level introduction in how to embrace a new life, a new Civilization, and new World; one that is free from fear, conflict, and scarcity.

We have the ability to change our beliefs, and thus change our outcomes, both individually and as a civilization. 30 minutes per person can do all that - if we are ready!”